Sizester Photo Resizing & Sharing Application Shines in Ease of Use and Third Party Site Integration

Sizester application for Windows, with powerful functionality in an intuitive, simple-to-use interface, makes it easy for general computer users to resize, crop, and upload photos to popular social networking, cloud storage, and photo sharing sites.


Fountain Valley, California – Aug 28, 2012 – Atek, Inc., a diversified technology company headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, today announced the launch of Sizester, a photo resizing and sharing application for Windows.

According to Dan Rothman, president of Atek, Sizester was developed to fill the need for a simple way to resize high megapixel images produced by today’s digital cameras. “The typical file size of a digital photo is something like 5 megabytes”, said Rothman. “For many if not most personal and business uses, that’s much bigger than is needed, and big files eat up storage space and take longer to upload or send via email – if they can even be emailed at all.”

Atek’s market research found that most computer users were not content with existing image resizing solutions. Explained Rothman: “Bloated photo editing programs are not ideal for photo resizing because they open slowly and aren’t designed to make resizing easy for the average computer user. And most existing dedicated resizing applications are poorly designed with confusing controls.” He added that there are also online image resizing services, but uploading images to such services is time-consuming.

“During early development we envisioned Sizester having an image canvas with intuitive controls right next to the image so users could easily reduce the physical size (pixels) and the quality (resolution) in a number of ways, and immediately see the impact on file size”, stated Rothman. “We hired a prominent Silicon Valley user interface designer to make sure we nailed the design.”

Rothman added: “The other thing we found lacking in existing applications was integration with third-party sites. So we implemented click-to-upload functionality in Sizester for various popular social networking, cloud storage, and photo sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Flickr”.

He also stated that two other outstanding attributes of Sizester are its retention of high image quality over the course of multiple resizings and its batch (multiple image) resizing functionality.

“So many products are rushed to market these days,” stated Rothman. “With Sizester, we took our time in development to make sure we could provide a fantastic user experience. For example, users can open photos in Sizester a bunch of different ways, including from the file menu or by right clicking, copying and pasting, or dragging and dropping images or image file icons to the Sizester canvas or program icon. Most applications aren’t able to open images in nearly as many ways as Sizester can, and that’s a benefit to users of Sizester because it allows them to work the way they like to work. The same thinking is what led us to allow users to customize the layout of the controls and action buttons .”

Sizester is available at as a 15-day free trial or for $9.95 for a single Windows computer license (multiple computer licenses are available as well). Atek plans to launch a Mac version of the application soon.

About Atek, Inc.:

Atek, Inc., a California corporation founded in 1996, develops and sells a diverse range of technology products. The company’s core products are the Stagehand Wireless Presentation Controller, custom cable assemblies, and Sizester, a Windows desktop application for resizing and sharing photos.


Dan Rothman
Atek, Inc.